ADS is JESA’s most recent business unit created with the purpose to provide top-level management consulting capabilities while leveraging world class technical expertise across industry, infrastructure and urban development.

ADS operates mainly in Africa, but also globally for multiple industries. It addresses large private and public operators, as well as financing institutions for complex developments, encompassing intertwined stakes and challenges (Economic, Technical, Environmental & Social).

The primary focus of ADS is to provide private & public clients with advisory offering solutions ranging from strategy, business planning, operations to digitalization and sustainability consulting services.

At ADS, we provide strategic advisory, operational and digital solutions, based on research and innovation to meet the most demanding needs and challenges of the future.

1. Strategic Advisory

ADS’s deep understanding of industry dynamics, extensive experience along the entire value chain, and functional capabilities are key to partner with our clients and help them to maximize growth through coherent operating models, strategic vision and targeted investments.
Among its services is strategic advisory which encompasses the analysis, forecasting, reporting and strategy required in order for a business to thrive.

The strategic advisory team covers a wide broad range of activities such as the following: growth, sustainability, technology, business case, organization, business transformation, investment, financing, business planning and capital portfolio management.

2. Operational Excellence Consulting

ADS transforms the way organizations work, helping them to achieve higher and faster returns by deploying best-in-class thinking across the capital projects portfolio and project delivery value chain.

Partnering with clients through strategy, technology, and transformation expertise, ADS embraces problem solving and leadership as the key to attain operational excellence.

The main projects driven by ADS include an overall support and modelling approach to unlock value creation levers in business steering, supply chain and strategic planning.

3. Digital Solutions

Digital transformation, in an unpredictable and constantly changing world, has become a decisive mean to increase performance, improve communication, sharing and reuse of data and information.

Our ADS team, resolutely focused on innovation and whose customer-centric approach helps you navigate the digital landscape, employs operations solutions that integrate process, workflow and asset data, to increase the performance of your industrial units.

With specific business and engineering knowledge and real-life project and asset experience, we implement fit-for-purpose digital strategies.

The use of digital technology allows us to provide end to end automated solutions for asset operation lifecycle, serving all stakeholders from production to maintenance, supply chain, management and strategy.
The human aspect and culture are fundamental pillars of the digital transformation success. The focus of ADS relies on change management all the while introducing new digital ways of working.

ADS provides Digital asset strategy, design & Implementation Support, Process Workflow Digitalization & Automation, Solution Architect and Digital Technology Advisory and Consulting.