Providing strategic, operational and digital consulting, based on research and innovation to meet the most demanding needs and meet the challenges of the future, is at the heart of our concerns.

JESA's consulting division through its Advisory & Digital Solutions department (ADS) provides a true end-to-end offering for clients through the whole project life cycle, with world-class consultants, experts and engineers across all disciplines integrating strategy,

management and technical consulting expertise with deep domain knowledge, backed by real-world experience.

ADS operates mainly in Africa, but also globally for multiple industries. It addresses large private and public operators, as well as financing institutions for complex developments, encompassing intertwined stakes and challenges (Economic, Technical, Environmental & Social).

Sectors addressed by ADS


  • Phosphate & Fertilizer
  • Metals & Mining
  • Basic materials chemicals
  • Oil & Gaz, Petrochemicals
  • Agro-processing


  • Transport & Logistics (Roads, Bridges, Railway, Ports)
  • Power & Energy (thermal, renewable solar, wind, T&D,...)
  • Water & Waste (dams, supply network, treatment, desalination, waste, solid, waste water)


  • Urban Planning & resilience cities
  • Buildings ( Higher education, Health care, Hospitality, Leisure, Mission critical: data centers,...)

Services offered by ADS


  • Growth & Sustainability strategies
  • Technology & Business case
  • Organization and Business transformation
  • Investment, financing & business planning
  • Capital portfolio management


  • Operations & maintenance excellence
  • Supply chain
  • Procurement
  • Product development
  • Asset due diligence
  • Project due diligence


  • Digital asset strategy, design & Implementation Support
  • Process Workflow Digitalization & Automation
  • Solution Architect
  • Digital Technology Advisory and Consulting