JESA mobilized to face COVID 19

Given the current situation affecting all sectors, our priority remains the preservation of the health of our employees, partners, customers and suppliers. To this end, we have taken all necessary steps to ensure the well-being of all the group’s employees, their families and all those with whom we work.

In this context, and throughout this crisis, we remain at the service of our customers. Our teams, whether on site or teleworking, remain mobilized to ensure the quality and high level of our services and the respect of our commitments to our stakeholders, while protecting the health and safety of people.

Some of the measures taken

Work From Home (WFH): Firstly, our main objective has been to ensure that all JESA colleagues, whether in Morocco, abroad or away from home, are safe. To this end, working from home has been essential and has been in place from the very beginning of the crisis until the national authorities and the World Health Organisation advise us that it will be safe to return to our offices.
Our pace and quality of work has been maintained with the usual high performance of our teams who maintain a close relationship with our clients, colleagues and team members. The schedules of our deliverables are respected.

Customers: Our second priority is business continuity. We are working closely with our customers and have intensified our communications with them. We have taken all the necessary measures to manage with them this difficult period. Many of our colleagues continue to be physically present at customer sites in order to support their critical needs, provide guidance, and maintain a high level of service.

Information Systems: To ensure that all staff work to our standards, the IT team has done an outstanding job of putting in place, in a very short period of time, the right IT infrastructure, tools, policy and training necessary to properly launch Work From Home (WFH).

To achieve this we have activated many levers including the use of digital collaboration tools for daily / weekly meetings between teams and clients, the launch of relevant programs and the increase of internal communications.

R3, HSE and medical: As the safety and well-being of our employees is our priority, our R3, HSE and medical teams are closely monitoring developments and have set up new programs, such as JESA Wellbeing, which are offered to support employees facing stressful personal or professional situations. The current special circumstances at Covid-19 make these programmes even more relevant and important for all of us.

Training: The JESA Academy team in charge of knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing continues to provide our colleagues with training in digital format.

Events: While maintaining our relationship with our customers and the entire community, our event calendar has been suspended until the normal resumption of activities.
Our thanks to the various teams who made it possible to put in place the action plan and procedures to ensure the maintenance and continuity of our activities, in particular the R3, IT, Human Resources, HSE, ... departments.

We look forward to returning to normal operations. In the meantime,
we will continue to keep you informed of our efforts as we move forward.
Stay safe