JESA Institute is a blended training and skills development Pan-African non-profit organization aiming to close the skills gap in engineering and construction with a strong focus on the infrastructure, energy and water fields.

Our Vision:

We envision an Africa where people are empowered with the skills to achieve their full potential and to be the engineers, designers and builders of their continent's sustainable development

Our Mission:

Because we believe that Africans are the building blocks of their continent’s sustainable development and inclusive prosperous future, we contribute to closing the skills gap through blended education and professional training programs in infrastructure, water and energy in order to meet Africa’s labor market capability needs

4 Identified Priorities:
Regional Impact:

JESA’s strong belief in Africa’s sustainable development through training and education, combined with JESA Academy’s realization that the need for the latter is expanding to an entire ecosystem led to the launch of the JESA Institute. Thanks to JESA’s strong presence on the continent we were able to better size up the importance of the skills gap in the world’s youngest workforce and the extent to which it is foiling Africa’s sustainable socio-economic development.

Our recognized global expertise and unique regional leadership position in project engineering talent development, unconditional commitment to building-up Africa and its human capital, and proven knowhow and actions in educating and training students and adults alike, make us a key partner for Africa’s sustainable development and prosperity.