We are proud to announce that JESA has led the realization of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Rabat (Phase 1).

This unique project was an incredible success and is a huge achievement for JESA and the contractors designated to participate in delivering this world class project (Société Générale des Travaux du Maroc & SOGEA MAROC).

Being the fastest project delivery of its kind in Africa, and one of the few Design & Build projects in the world, JESA met this tremendous challenge within a record time of only 8 and a half months from design to execution and to delivery.

With full program and construction management services, JESA is a reliable, capable, and trustworthy partner to our clients in the successful and safe completion of their projects and programs

At JESA we provide the best value delivery that meets our customers' needs to support them with their most complex challenges, and we are fully committed to the development of our country and our continent.